Jul 12

Warning, Ergowear X3d Bikini Swimsuits Have Been Known To Cause Extreme Attention At The Beach

Going to the beach giving you an erection?

It just might, especially if you get a glance of yourself in the mirror somewhere along the way. Ergowear X3D Bikini Swimsuit Blue is made to make you look good. That’s what separates it from other competing products. They strive to please its designers and brand managers. Ergowear bikini is here to give you your place under the sun, literally. It is here to build you up into a trend setter, to turn heads and make people talk about you behind your back. You don’t mind that, do you? Because if you can’t take the pressure of the spotlight, maybe this bikini isn’t something for you.

Every single detail is crafted in such a specifically planned fashion that accentuates your manly package and provides you with an image only few will resist not to look at. Why? This X3D bikini comes with a unique Ergowear three-dimensional pouch. What does it do? It pushes your genitals away from your legs into a more natural position, providing you with pure feelings of joy. At the same time, your genitals are slightly pushed up, giving you a better looking package, which will impress any stranded eyes on the beach. You also have a drawcord added for safe diving, and with no inner lining to push the drying into fifth gear.

Ergowear X3D Bikini is made from a futuristic microfiber, a soft, durable, fast-drying and extremely breathable combination of polyamide and elastane (lycra). Since this fabric doesn’t absorb moisture, it allows for the water to flow freely away from your body and as you can guess it dries off in record breaking time. What Ergowear does with its briefs, it did with this bikini. They are known for anatomically superior underwear, and the same rules apply onto their swimwear line. Give yourself a hard on and buy Ergowear X3D Bikini Swimsuit in blue at


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