Jul 15

U.s. Military Veterans Honoured With Scuba Diving Holidays In The Caribbean Island Of Bonaire

A group of wounded U.S military soldiers will be welcomed to the Caribbean island of Bonaire next weekend by the Tourism Corporation Bonaire and the islands friendly residents when they visit the island for rehabilitation and scuba diving activities.

The military veterans will arrive to their scuba diving holidays in Bonaire on Saturday 18th August, 2012 and they will stay for a week during which they will learn how to dive and obtain their scuba diving certification.

The Wounded Warriors and their partners will stay at Captain Dons Habitat Bonaire resort free of charge where they will enjoy unique scuba diving adventures tailored to their abilities with professional dive instructors.

Its certainly appropriate that these warriors are coming to Bonaire to scuba dive. The fantastic reefs and marine life found on our island help create an unforgettable experience, explained Anja Romeijnders, the President of Tourism Corporation Bonaire.

As a scuba diver myself, I know the excitement I feel after a dive. Im pleased that Bonaire is able to help these impressive soldiers experience that same feeling and always remember Bonaire. Its one way we can thank them all for their efforts and sacrifices.

This years group of Wounded Warriors includes ten soldiers who have received life-changing physical injuries during combat in Iraq and Afghanistan.

While visiting Bonaire they will have the chance to take a three-day scuba diving course when they first arrive and once they are certified they will be able to head off and explore the magnificent underwater world and array of diving sites that await them in the Caribbean island.

During their scuba diving holidays in the Caribbean, the soldiers and their partners will also have the opportunity of going sightseeing on the island, enjoying authentic Caribbean cuisine at restaurants and beach BBQs, and attend a reception in their honour where they will meet local island residents and Bonaires first female Lt. Governor, Lydia Emerencia.

Located in the southern Caribbean, 30 miles from Curacao, Bonaire is one of the leading scuba diving destinations in the Caribbean and it is well known for its role in preserving the fragile marine environment. The island is surrounded by a coral reef which provides plenty of sites for diving and snorkelling enthusiasts and the entire coastline has been declared a marine sanctuary to preserve the marine species.

While scuba diving in the Caribbean island of Bonaire, divers can explore over 60 diving sites and an abundance of marine species including sea turtles, eagle rays, sea horses, whale sharks, dolphins, manta rays, and over 450 species of tropical fish.


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