Oct 18

Topsider Homes Has The Expertise To Build Homes In Bahamas And The Caribbean

The challenges of home building in the Bahamas and Caribbean are easily mitigated by the post and beam building systems provided by Topsider. With the decades of experience and expert architectural and design staff, the company is able to provide specialized services.

The specialized staff of the company give the customer proper guidance right from the initial stages of decision making and finds the perfect match of design and building materials that suites the customers tastes and preferences.

Topsider provides the weather tight shell components for each house, including windows, exterior doors and decking. Along with it interior aspects such as framing, interior doors, cabinets, counter tops and flooring are also furnished according to the climatic conditions of the site.

An overall Project Manager is assigned the task of completion and the team of expert work along with him. The responsible person looks into the coordination of cost involved in construction and manages it in the best possible manner. Once the proposed building site, design preferences and price range of the customer is known. The team also prepares a No-Obligation Free Cost Estimate for the design concept. Estimates include a detailed quotation for the Topsider home package delivered [with estimated import duty and taxes], along with an itemized estimate of local construction costs.

While optimizing the local construction costs Topsider also encourages homeowners who desire to build green on the benefits of building green. Savings from 20% reduction of import duty on energy-saving home appliances and a flat 15% import duty on energy-efficient windows, water-saving toilets and low flow shower-heads are some of the benefits of building an environmentally friendly or a green home.

With the proficient services of the qualified staff and expert home building systems, Topsider Homes leads in the prefabricated and custom designed home building industry.


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