Apr 27

The Beach Boys Albums

The Beach Boys are an American rock band that has been entertaining their fans since 1960s when their biography started. These artists originated from Hawthorne in California where they were formed in the year 1961. The groups initial members were three brothers Brian, Carl Wilson and Dennis together with a cousin of theirs called Mike love and a friend by the name Al Jardine. This five-member band was led and managed by Murry, who was Wilson’s father. Their biography continues with Beach boys being famous for their impeccable talent since they produced good lyrics that had vocal superiority that won them many fans over a very short time. Most of their music featured youthful lyrics and culture, surfing, romance and cars. You can purchase their music in a prominent Music Record Shop.

Brian Wilson was very talented, and he was the initial leader of the Beach boys. In the mid 60s, he was responsible for writing songs for the creative albums; Pet Sounds and Good Vibrations that sold millions of copies. It was unfortunate that he wasted his talent due to substance abuse that gave him mental problems. The album Pet sounds was doing very well, and many fans had anticipated its continuation and follow up, but it did not happen since Wilson became incapacitated.

By the year 1967, The Beach Boys had experienced descending growth until they reclaimed their place in the year 1973. This time their lyrics and musical style had matured, and they had reduced the drama within members. They were even competing with super bands such as the U2 band in performances and sales. The artists had unstable leadership that led them to split over wrangles on song ownership and royalties such that each patron would lead other band members out of the group claiming the group’s name.

America considered the Beach Boys the first and best Rock and roll boy band, and they awarded them very high ranking for a very long time. They are the American rock band with the highest top 40 hits with 36 hits, and they had 56 hits in the top 100 America’s hottest hits all available at Music Record Shop. They sold over 100 million album copies across the whole world, and their music is still selling.

The good thing with rock and roll hits of the 60s such as the Beach Boys songs, they never run out of style. There are numerous re issues of these legendary hits that are found in record shops such as the Music Record Shop. Visit the store and get your vinyl box set of your favorite Beach Boy hits, copies of their biography and music from other favorite artists.

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