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Characteristics of Cruise Lines Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Norwegian, and Others

The cruise market has grown exponentially since the 1970s, when it emerged in its present state. Since that point, numerous cruise lines have started, with its largest players regularly introducing larger ships, modern features, and new itineraries. If you are considering a cruise as your next vacation but haven’t decided on the line, consider the common aspects of the larger brands.

Norwegian Cruise Lines

The initiator of “freestyle cruising,” Norwegian Cruise Lines, or NCL, lets travelers create their own experience – particularly where dining is concerned. Travelers, in this regards, not only have a choice of times and restaurants, they also have the option of affordable, luxury-quality staterooms.

What also sets NCL apart are the departure ports. While a majority of cruise lines have starting locations in the South, Norwegian offers trips leaving from Boston, New York, and Seattle.

Celebrity Cruises

The premium brand for Royal Caribbean, Celebrity offers a large fleet of award-winning, modern-styled ships. Their Solstice-class ships, particularly, are said to offer a sophisticated and elegant experience.

Carnival Cruise Lines

One of the first modern cruises, Carnival is said to have invented the cruise vacation. Its ships, regardless of size, offer an abundance of meal, entertainment, and activity choices while still presenting affordable packages for the average traveler. As the largest and most diverse cruise company in the world, Carnival continues to expand and, taking into consideration all vacation options, offers both short and long trips.

Disney Cruise Line

Starting in the 1980s with a format mirroring the theme park experience, Disney cruises combine the grand, older style of early-20th century ocean liners with features for the whole family. Rotational dining and multiple restaurants are an option, while Disney characters are part of ships’ entertainment, as well as meet and greats, pool parties, movies, and other activities.

Itineraries include ports all over the world. Disney cruises, as well,

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Royal Caribbean Cruise Ports Of Call For 2013

When most people think of a Royal Caribbean cruise, they automatically envision sipping fruity cocktails while sailing through sunlit waters. Although this certainly portrays a pleasant part of what this cruise company offers, there is much more to Royal Caribbean than sojourns in tropical paradises. Royal Caribbean cruises also sail to paradises located in regions strewn with rain forests and glaciers where passengers can see grizzly bears from the decks of the ships. Taking a Royal Caribbean cruise to Alaska is one of the most memorable trips that any traveler can take. Not only does Alaska’s famed Inside Passage provide some of the most stunning scenery and fascinating wildlife viewing opportunities on the planet, the port cities give travelers more than a slight glimpse into ancient indigenous cultures as well as the more recent gold rush days, logging and commercial fishing days.


Alaska’s southernmost city, Ketchikan, is the first port of call that passengers on board a Royal Caribbean cruise ship will have the good fortune to visit. Ketchikan is located in one of the planet’s rainiest areas, but that just means that the city features some of the cleanest air available and that the vegetation is lush and vibrantly green.

Ketchikan guests can visit the Native village of Saxman where they can see authentic Native totem carvers at work in their carving shed. The Rainforest Museum is open every day during cruise season as well, and visitors can participate in guided walks that explore the local flora. Creek Street provides a look into the community’s gold rush and logging origins; the street is built on stilts over the water and at one time houses the town’s ladies of the night.


Juneau is Alaska’s capital city. Deep in the heart of the Tongass National Forest, Juneau is less

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Is a Singles Holiday in the Caribbean Proper For You

It is been a tough year, and you are pondering of obtaining a small R &amp R ahead of you have to go back to sweating in the salt mines once again. So, you might be single, a bit lonely and you’d like a singles getaway wherever you can just unwind, permit go, and not have to force nearly anything. Properly then the Caribbean is the place for you, because for sure you will locate what you are searching for if you just go and look for it.

If you want to visit lots of places on your holiday, you may well contemplate a Caribbean cruise. Some cruises are specifically for singles and characteristic a wealth of routines designed to get shy men and women to meet and mix. If you would prefer pampering your self in the calm atmosphere of a resort, then an all inclusive trip is certainly the way to go with every little thing included in a single very low, upfront price./p>

The Caribbean is produced up of 1000’s of islands, all of which are really distinct in what they give the vacationer. For instance, Aruba isn’t going to have the lushness and tropical isle sense of Jamaica or Dominican Republic, but it does have balmy weather, wonderful shopping, excellent-feely natives, and gambling casinos. If you favor a commercial approach you may possibly target a single of the well-known tourist locations in the Higher Antilles, these as an inclusive Jamaica resort. If you would fairly have a scaled-down and far more intimate locale, you may verify out the islands in the Lesser Antilles this kind of as St. Lucia or Antigua. If you are hunting for a romantic setting you may select the U.S. Virgin Islands. St. Johns in distinct is a wonderful location to just wine and

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Caribbean Food & Recipes

The Caribbean is home to some of the world’s most exciting culinary delights. From spicy jerk chicken and pork to some of the world’s freshest and tastiest seafood, Caribbean food is delicious, fresh and very healthy. Caribbean cuisine originates from a mixture of many different cultures including Spanish, British, African, French, Indian, Chinese and Dutch and the fusion of cooking from these different regions has led to dishes which are now unique to the Caribbean.

Traditional dishes of Caribbean are the representation of their history and culture. Through the dynamic and innovative minds of Caribbean people, they learn to adopt and mimic ideas from other foreign culture. Therefore Caribbean tend to combine food elements and techniques which make their food interesting and exciting to eat.

The blend of Caribbean, African Food is popular all over the world and for great reasons. There is such a variety when it comes to Caribbean Recipes, Cuisines. You can taste combinations you never have before. Many people appreciate the great Spicy Jerk Chicken which is becoming popular in all over the world. The Caribbean Foods thrill our taste buds, the smells excite our minds, and the looks please our eyes, enrich, and inspire our souls.

The national dish in Barbados is cou-cou and flying fish, a name that tends to pique the curiosity of people wanting to sample the more exotic food on offer at their 5 Star Caribbean hotels. Cou-cou itself is a mix of cornmeal and okra, and is usually prepared with the aid of a special cou-cou stick, a unique wooden utensil with a long, flat rectangular shape. Many people say it reminds them of a miniature cricket bat.

Cuban cooking is also very popular in Barbados. Cuban cooking is a mixture of Spanish, Caribbean and African cuisines. The techniques and spices are akin

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Claiming Newport Beach Boat Slips In Newport Beach Harbor

Newport Beach Harbor has some of the most expensive real estate in California, if not most of the world. It is certainly one of the most popular places for small yachts, with over 9,000 berthed here, but despite its wealth and popularity it is still a quiet, relaxed place with a friendly feel to it.Anyone with a small yacht around here will know how difficult it can be to find any suitable Newport Beach boat slips. Space is scarce and even slips with the most basic facilities are expensive, so it is important that any owner knows what they want before deciding on which slip to use.

Location is one of the main considerations. Seven islands make up the Newport Beach Harbor area, and all have advantages and disadvantages. Some are more expensive than others, some are less convenient to get to. If you are a frequent sailor then you might want a location close by and easy to get in and out of, while someone who only uses their boat once a year may choose a cheaper but less convenient slip.

The facilities available at each Newport Beach boat slip also need to be considered carefully. Every yacht owner has different needs in this regard, and it is important to find as close a match as possible. There is no point either paying for services that will not be used, or in renting a cheaper berth that does not have the facilities that are needed.

Some of the marinas offer managed services for yachts, and the best of the marinas allow these services to be tailored according to need. The companies based here have everything that any yacht owner could possibly need, and the owners are free to choose which of the facilities and services they use. One

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Virginia Beach Family Vacation

Virginia Beach family vacation is certainly not meant to be constrained to a dip in the sea and sunbathing on the shore. There is an element of excitement that reverberates in the very air you breathe; no, it’s not just the salty spray. In fact, when you’re done with the sand castle and shell collecting routine, the fun has just begun.

Take off to the First Landing State Park for an extended version of your Virginia Beach family vacation. Get re-acquainted with nature as you go hiking, biking, boating or simply strolling around its vast grounds. What would really get your kids all excited would be a visit to the Aquarium & Marine Science Center. You might not want to pet a sting ray or touch a shark, but don’t assume your kids feel the same. You’ll be amazed to see the world through the eyes of a crab. Talk about perspectives.

Let your Virginia Beach family vacation move on to Ocean Breeze Water Park for more fun of the splashing variety. NAUTICUS National Maritime Center would be of immense interest to kids, especially when they feast their eyes on a honest-to-goodness battleship, the USS Wisconsin. The towering presence of the Cape Henry Lighthouse is one for the camera; so go prepared. The view from here is astounding and so is the history behind this cast-iron structure. There’s more here to add to the thrill of a Virginia Beach family vacation.

Lend an aesthetic touch to your Virginia Beach family vacation. The Norfolk Botanical Garden can only be described as a sight for sore eyes with its abundance of azalea blooms, roses, and more in spring time. Keeping eternal vigil here are figures of such eminent personalities as Rembrandt, Da Vinci, Rubens and others of similar stature. While at Norfolk,

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Spend your vacations with Caribbean Cruise bars in the beautiful city

To add an adventure to the life and to pamper yourself in the soft basking sun, pristine beaches and rolling soft waves, the vacations must be planned at the most adventurous place for fun loving people. After a long tiring and hectic schedule or routine, people often look forward for the place where they can spend their holidays by getting relax and forgetting about their work. Often, people gets perplexed in choosing the right the destination where they can enjoy with a perfect mood without any trouble or irritation.

There are many websites where the list of destinations that offers variety of facilities which also allows the people to relax in the party mood. A bar is the right place where the people can relax or they can spend their evening with their friends and special ones. There are many services available within these pubs and bars that can make tourists feel very relaxing like tempting cocktails, fuzzy mock tails, foot tapping music, silent corners and lots of things for entertainment.

A bar like Caribbean bars Shoreditch is a place that can be considered as the perfect place where people can forget all their tensions and worries. This place is so special that the energy will boost up with up with perfect drinks so that one can return to their work with a peaceful mind. The drinks that one can enjoy are available within these bars like fine scotch, wine and also there are some drinks that suits to everybody pocket.

Rum bars Shoreditch is one of the most popular bar that is considered as the right place for fun. Those who do not care for their expenditures can pick their kind of drink from these types of bars and can chill with their friends in such

Aug 31

The History of Vanderbilt Beach

Located just three miles North of Naples, Vanderbilt Beach is one of the most popular Gulf beaches extending from Delnor Wiggins State Park to the public beach entrance. Its glamorous name belies its more humble origins.

In the 1950s this pristine strip of paradise was comprised mainly of scrub oak with mangrove stands and lagoons fronting the spectacular Gulf waters. J. B. Connors, a road builder from Tampa, saw the potential for the area, and completed development in 1959. At the time he started the platting process, the only occupants were itinerant farmers and the occasional occupants of a fish camp to the North.

Connors chose the name “Vanderbilt Beach” as a marketing gimmick to convey the impression of wealth and prestige for the newly minted development. His dream of a deed-restricted community with parks, open areas, easy water access for the families who inhabited the development is still in effect today. To preserve his vision, he helped create the Vanderbilt Beach Property Owners Association, which owns the responsibility for protecting deed restrictions.

The first property owners in the early 60s reveled in a lifestyle that included easy rides to the beach, hayrides, cookouts and organized water activities, such as sailing and fishing. The late 1970s building boom ushered in condominiums for full and part-time residents as well as the development of a small commercial section on the corner of Gulf Shore Drive and Vanderbilt Beach Road. Today, many of the original homes have been torn down to make way for a wide range of architectural home styles and sizes. Planned developments such as the Regatta, Moraya Bay and Connors estates have extended the neighborhood even farther and have established Vanderbilt Beach as one of the top ocean front luxury communities in Southwest Florida.

Ideal for long beach walks, the sugary sands of Vanderbilt

Aug 31

Caribbean – The Luxury Holiday Haven

Your holidays are a handsome reward for all your hard earned dough, so it’s no nonsense booking when you’re ready to pack your case. Luxury holidays to the Caribbean are the number one destination for discriminating travellers who want the best and none of the rest. Crystal clean waters, gently rolling waves, and the unspoiled sights and sounds of nature are calling.

Island magic lights up the Caribbean with luxury hotels Barbados at the top of the list. Calm and tranquil, yet full of exotic adventure, destination Barbados delivers a custom made holiday any way you like it. All inclusive luxury holiday plans put you in the driver’s seat to mix and match your holiday dreams. Take the slow road and spend the day lounging on a beach, or suit up for some of the most exhilarating aquatic sports in the region. Windsurfing, jet skiing, scuba diving and more are opened for business every day of the year.

Your luxury holiday escape is all about you, and no one knows that better than the friendly hosts on Barbados. Forget the tiresome itineraries and meal times set by clockwork; anything goes on your luxury island tour. Life moves in the slow lane on Barbados stretching your days and extending your nights with nothing to do if you don’t want to, and plenty to do if you are game. Take a pampering day at the spa or fasten your seat belt on the zip line, Barbados has something for everyone 24 hours a day.

In between your favourite activity of nothing to do, Barbados offers some unique attractions that are worthy of a visit. Nature enthusiasts with thrill to the Welchman Hall Gully for a self-guided walk through of tropical plants and flowers, or roam freely with the wildlife

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Sivota Beaches

Sivota is seaside paradise situated on a picturesque small, secluded bay. The ideal location for those seeking a relaxing holiday.
It is the most cosmopolitan region of Thesprotia,Epirus with clusters of islands and beautiful beaches hidden among the maze of small islands and capes.

There’s a great variety of refreshing Sivota beaches both sandy and pebbly,though all with crystal clear waters.
The sea, the sun and the wind have tastefully formed the place
creating an impressive coastline.Some of these have been awarded
the Blue Flag, the European guarantee of cleanliness..

Apart from those beautiful Sivota beaches you can find marvelous rocky cliffs ideal for snorkeling

Some of these beaches that you have to explore:

Mega Ammos

A cosmopolitan beach with sand and cool waters, well organized with water sports facilities.

Mikri Ammos

This is the diver’s paradise as you can find marvelous rocky cliffs ideal for snorkeling. It is actually an enclosed bay with clear waters and beautiful colors.

Mega drafi

This is actually two beaches with a huge cliffs in the middle.The first one is ideal for families and the other one is a nude beach that you can reach walking a very beautiful and kind of dangerous path or by boat.

bella vraka

The most famous beach at Sivota can be reached only by boat or on foot because of the the shallow water.In fact there are three successive beaches,very close one to another.


Accessed only by boat,a very beautiful beach with white sand and cool blue waters,is really like a pool. Nice and private environment for those who seeks the perfect.

This beautiful place is located at the northwestern side of Greece,at the perfecture of Epirus.It is nearby the port of Igoumenitsa and a few kilometers away from the famous places of

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