Oct 26

Beach Volleyball Serve Receive Tips – Are Hand Grips The Secret To Better Passing

The function of the hand grip you use to forearm pass or bump a ball is to help you keep your elbows straight and to make sure you maintain as flat and as wide a platform as possible. Hand grips come in all forms.

The secret to better passing is to keeping your elbows straight and as locked and close together as possible. Remember you want to create a table top where the only thing the ball has to do is bounce off of your table top and back up to the intended target. The best tip to keeping your elbows straight is to position your wrists with your thumbs always pointing down to the ground in the most efficient way possible.

For some players that looks like placing the fingers of their right hand into the palm of their left so their fingers are turned upward towards them and they are crisscrossed. Now they close their hands together so the thumbs meet, touching side by side. If they are right handed they then should see the first three fingers of their right hand extend past their left thumb.

For others, their hand grip is made by making a fist with their right hand and turning it sideways so they see their thumb on top of their fist. Then they place that fist into the palm of the opposite hand until the two thumbs meet and are lined up side-by-side. The fingers of the left hand should come across the fist and touch the knuckles of the right hand.

Still for others, there are those who modify the fist grip and have their two index fingers pointing to the ground (old school) while a few elite players with out-of-this-world ball control skills, manage to have no grip

Oct 25

Consider The Abc Islands In The Caribbean When Buying Your Next Vacation Home

ABC islands is the name for three beautiful Caribbean islands with crystal clear waters and golden sands, Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao. Tourists who visited these islands consider them to be a true breath of fresh air, a welcomed change from the English, French or Hispanic influenced islands in the Caribbean.

The local language is Papiamento which is a mixture of primarily Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish, English and French. While Papiamentu is the language of the locals, most of them can also understand and speak English and Spanish. The locals use Dutch names, and the local currency is the Florin, but dollars are very well accepted too. These three islands Dutch influence is given by the fact that they are still part of the Dutch Kingdom.

The simple idea of having a vacation home in the Caribbean is seen as a dream. The truth, however is that not all Caribbean properties are worth millions of dollars. If that were true, it would mean that everyone living in the Caribbean would be a millionaire. The truth is that the offers of Caribbean real estate companies hold Caribbean properties from $50,000 to 1M+. So the cost for a Caribbean real estate property with two bedrooms is available anywhere between $100K and $200K.

On the ABC islands, Curacao real estate, Bonaire real estate and Aruba real estate is an entirely different world from what we are used to when it comes to Caribbean real estate, and other dream destinations. The much loved bungalows and villas are available for buy or rent. And, for a perfect summer escapade, you dont need anything more than a bungalow. I guess it all depends, but Curacao properties, Bonaire properties and Aruba properties are available for people from all walks of life. You dont have to be a millionaire

Oct 25

The Newport Beach Real Estate Market And The Credit Crunch

The credit crunch has slowed down the housing industry in many states, but how has it affected high-end markets like Newport Beach? As one of the most expensive cities in Southern California, the Newport Beach real estate market has a lot to offer–but also a long way to fall down. If you’re thinking of buying real estate Newport Beach this year, it pays to get to know the credit market and housing trends, and make more educated decisions.

Fortunately, even with 2009 being one of its slowest years on record, Newport Beach realty seems to be picking up and even leads Orange County in the list of most stable markets. In the first few weeks of 2010, there seemed to be a stable demand for Newport Beach real estate, with both home sales and home prices going up on a year-over-year basis. But will the improvements last?

It depends mostly on the market activity to come in the next few months, which in turn depends on buyers’ purchasing power. With more and more borrowers defaulting, banks have started imposing stricter standards, and fewer buyers can get the kind of financing typically needed for real estate Newport Beach. With home prices averaging over $1 million, the average family will need a jumbo mortgage–loans exceeding the limit of roughly $750,000–to afford Newport Beach realty.

Also affecting the Newport Beach real estate market is the mounting volume of distressed home sales. Throughout 2009 and so far for much of 2010, foreclosures and short sales have made up a considerable portion of market activity. Short sales, where the lender agrees to let the buyer sell the property and accept less than the total amount owed on it, can cut home Newport Beach realty prices by as much as 40%. The same holds true for

Oct 22

Goa A Perfect Beach Getaway

Dotted with pristine beaches, Goas coastal areas are mesmerizing indeed. The beaches are ideal for water sports or plain lazing around in a shack with scrumptious sea food and chilled bear. Start your beach itinerary with the hot favourite Anjuna beach, where you can party throughout the night or pick tremendous bargains at the weekly flea market.

For a dose of history along with beachside revelry head to the white sandy Sinquerim beach. Remnants of the majestic Fort Aguada stand there. From here, you can take a long beach walk to the delightfully serene Candolim beach; perfect for a day of quiet sunning under a hired beach umbrella or gorging on excellent local cuisine. If the solitude becomes overbearing, then head to the nearby Calangute Beach called the queen of beaches. This beach is colourfully splashed with sunbathers, bustling beach markets and aromatic food stalls. It is wise to skip swimming here as the waters are treacherous. From here, you may move to the adjoining peaceful Baga beach, ideal for fishing. Baga is also considered one of the very few top-less Indian beaches.

To behold a splendid example of Christian architecture in Goa, head to the church of St. John the Baptist, which overlooks the Benaulim beach. For dolphin cruises, the Palolem with its epithet of Paradise Beach proves perfect. This fishing beach also abounds with dirt cheap accommodation facilities.

There are scores of other exotic beaches each with its own unique charm. As you exhaust yourself with Goas coastal wonders and your vacation draws to a close, rejuvenate yourself with a calm day at the virginal Agonda beach. As you swim on its crystal clear waters, you can clearly gaze into the oceans floor.

So just go ahead with your holidays and plan the entire tour, book

Oct 22

Are You Ready for a Caribbean Cruise

Cruising the Caribbean waters can afford you the unique opportunity to discover small, uninhabited islands where you can spend a lazy day, just soaking up the sun. Cruising the sparkling waters of the Caribbean can lead you to many exciting destinations such as Barbados, Grenada, St.Vincent, The Grenadines, St. Lucia and Martinique.

The Caribbean islands that are encountered during a Caribbean cruise offer the traveler many options for fun, including scuba diving, snorkeling, hang gliding, ocean swimming and guided rain forest walks, just to mention a few.

The island of St. Lucia is a favorite destination of many cruise travelers, and has much to offer. It is the largest of the Windward Islands, and is home to the twin volcanic peaks of Gros Piton and Petit Piton. St. Lucia offers a variety of activities to keep the visitor busy, including fishing, golf, sailing, scuba diving, snorkeling, whale watching, guided land and sea tours, as well as kite surfing.

While ashore in the Caribbean, a local restaurant should be at the top of any visitors’ list of things to do. If the cruise ship stops over in Barbados, The Cliff Restaurant deserves a visit. This unique restaurant is situated on a cliff overlooking the Caribbean Sea, and every table affords diners a view of the water. The restaurant opened in 1995 and has been enjoying rave reviews ever since. The menu features delicacies such as snow crab cakes, smoked salmon, spicy Thai beef, red snapper, sliced duck breast and roast loin of lamb. The dessert menu includes white chocolate cheesecake, crme brulee and chocolate mousse, among other sweets.

Those traveling the Caribbean Sea by cruise ship can be assured that what awaits them is an island paradise waiting to be explored. Furthermore, traveling by cruise ship will

Oct 18

Topsider Homes Has The Expertise To Build Homes In Bahamas And The Caribbean

The challenges of home building in the Bahamas and Caribbean are easily mitigated by the post and beam building systems provided by Topsider. With the decades of experience and expert architectural and design staff, the company is able to provide specialized services.

The specialized staff of the company give the customer proper guidance right from the initial stages of decision making and finds the perfect match of design and building materials that suites the customers tastes and preferences.

Topsider provides the weather tight shell components for each house, including windows, exterior doors and decking. Along with it interior aspects such as framing, interior doors, cabinets, counter tops and flooring are also furnished according to the climatic conditions of the site.

An overall Project Manager is assigned the task of completion and the team of expert work along with him. The responsible person looks into the coordination of cost involved in construction and manages it in the best possible manner. Once the proposed building site, design preferences and price range of the customer is known. The team also prepares a No-Obligation Free Cost Estimate for the design concept. Estimates include a detailed quotation for the Topsider home package delivered [with estimated import duty and taxes], along with an itemized estimate of local construction costs.

While optimizing the local construction costs Topsider also encourages homeowners who desire to build green on the benefits of building green. Savings from 20% reduction of import duty on energy-saving home appliances and a flat 15% import duty on energy-efficient windows, water-saving toilets and low flow shower-heads are some of the benefits of building an environmentally friendly or a green home.

With the proficient services of the qualified staff and expert home building systems, Topsider Homes leads in the prefabricated and custom

Oct 17

Create The Beach Theme Kitchen Of Your Dreams With These Easy Tips

You probably spend a lot of time in your kitchen, right? I know I do. Use some of these simple kitchen accents to turn the heart of your home into your very own seaside sanctuary! We’re not talking complete kitchen renovation here. Just a few decorative, yet functional, accessories to give your kitchen a “beach house” feel without breaking the bank.

I suggest starting with one or more of the most vital kitchen accessories to create the largest impact on your space: salt and pepper shakers, kitchen towel sets, and a cutting board. Not only will you see these the most, you’ll also utilize them the most.

Cutting boards are available in all forms, big or small with various patterns. The ones I love the most are the tempered glass cutting boards that remain on your counter permanently for a special decorative accent. Also you can choose wooden cutting boards constructed of artisan bamboo. Including or not including a shore-inspired pattern, bamboo surely displays a tropical feel anyway.

A kitchen towel can be for everyday use or it can be for appearances only. They make great room accents and come in a wide variety of styles and colors. You can focus your kitchen theme around your towels, whether they be reminiscent of the ocean or the tropics, and you can get coordinating potholders and such. You might even pick up a matching apron to wear next time you’re cooking those lobster tails!

Far and away, the most often utilized thing in the majority of kitchens is salt and pepper shakers. Rather than putting them out of eyesight in a cabinet someplace, you should use them as part of your decor. Keep your beach them salt and pepper shakers ready and displayed on your oven, table, or counter. Palm trees, blue

Oct 16

Bali Beach Villas Countless Activities in an Island Paradise

Bali, a small island in Indonesia, has long been a tourist destination but has enjoyed a huge increase in popularity over the last few years, with over two million tourists visiting the island as of 2010. It isn’t hard to see why, since the island is filled with activities as diverse as shopping, surfing, and hiking along with breathtaking natural beauty. No matter what type of vacation you’re planning in Bali, renting one of the many Bali Beach Villas will ensure that you get the most enjoyment possible out of your stay. It’s the perfect centrepiece to your visit.

Bali beach villas offer some of the best views you’ll find in an accommodation on the island. Most are located far enough from the bustling night life to give you peace of quiet and scenic views while still being close enough to ensure that if the shopping bug bites you, you’re only a short drive away. Visitors to Bali looking for shopping, eclectic restaurants, and trendy bars will likely find Seminyak the best destination, and villas dot the area around them. Canggu village and the beaches surrounding it make great choices for villa rentals since Seminyak is only a twenty minute drive away.

If you’re hoping to take in the culture and history of Bali, touring the many temples that cover the island is a great way to do just that. These spiritual temples were built throughout the island and are major tourist attractions, with some of the most popular situated high atop mountainsides or, in the case of Tanah Lot, on rock outcroppings just off the coast. Most Bali beach villas offer drivers who know the locations of all of these directional temples and can take you to each of them, filling up a day with opportunities to take in their

Oct 15

Best Us Beach Vacations

Best us beach vacations – America is an archipelago that many from the tourist charm save some good choices in developing a thrilling vacation ideas. A visit to the coast in the usa became popular as a tourist location to enjoy the best in vacation here we are at anyone who wants to visit this land of The government. Among the few beaches you can use as an idea is a beach vacation in the area of California, that has the characteristic feel of pristine with a sloping beach.

beach vacation us overview

It’s suitable to be used in the surfing arena, and lots of stores the value of tourism that attracts fans of beaches which make this place as a choice one of many sights that be a wonderful choice. Developed options when choosing the other coast is somewhere within the Los Angeles area featuring the exotic atmosphere of the greatest US beach vacations, such as the Muscle beach tourism. La has some beaches that extends around the outer side, with the kind of beach which has a relatively smaller waves.

US vacations beach image

This kind of beach is very suitable for everyone as an option in the sun bath. Sights of the greatest beaches in the United States can easily be seen from a few of the programs offered by travel companies who’ve a choice among many other options. Along side it of the best U.S. vacation on beach is an extremely different feel from what’s shown as part of an unforgettable exciting way desired through the tourists who want to visit the beaches in the usa.

Value of the best us beach vacations offered within the form shades of the beach is the greatest side which is always the best option in choosing a tourist around

Oct 10

Travellers Planning Caribbean Holidays Face Yet Another Hike In Uk Apd Tax

Caribbean islands are bracing themselves for the fall out of yet another rise in the controversial air passenger duty tax (APD) with the latest increase set to hit travellers in April 2012.

The APD applies to passengers booking flights to the Caribbean departing from United Kingdom airports and will also impact on passengers who have booked their 2012 Caribbean holidays before the announcement of the new rates. The rise will mean increases of as much as eight per cent in ticket prices as the duty moves from 75 to 81 for economy class tickets and 150 to 162 for high classes. The Caribbean Tourism Organisation (CTO) lobbied extensively in 2011, to no avail, for UK officials to remove the tax or at the very least undertake a revision of the current band structure.

The CTO has heavily criticised the APDs complex four band system which it is has described as discriminatory and disadvantageous for Caribbean holidays. Under the current system there is arguably an inherent bias towards destinations located west of East coast US destinations over Caribbean islands. Despite the fact that these U.S. destinations are further away, travellers incur a higher APD tax for direct flights to the Caribbean.

The UK governments announcement in late 2011 confirming that they would not only continue with the tax system but increase it in April 2012 was greeted with disbelief from Caribbean tourism officials, with the head of the CTO, Ricky Skerritt, describing the announcement as a slap in the face for the region. Vincent Vanderpool-Wallace, Minister of Tourism and Aviation in the Bahamas went on to state, I think certainly everybody in the Caribbean is disappointed that some of the changes that were expected didnt come into effect. I think at the very least the Caribbean region thought they should have

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