Feb 22

Ostrich Beach Chair – Comfort Simplified!

In a recent web release, tourism magazine ‘Travel + Leisure’ declared the names of five best US Shelling Beaches – they are Calvert Cliffs State Park (MD), Ocracoke Island (NC), Sanibel Island (FL), Hansville (WA), and Gulf Islands National Seashore Pensacola (FL). These seashores attract millions of tourists each year from all over the world. For these visitors, a coastal vacation is never complete unless they have enjoyed sunbathing on soft sands, while lying on a comfortable beach chair and sipping their poison. Beach furniture come in such a sprawling variety – sometimes you get confused in choosing an appropriate one. Popularity of beach furniture can be understood when you look at the large number of tourists in US seashores using these accessories.

Beach chairs are some of the most popular luxury items that are used for relaxation – you can use them at seashores and even on a poolside. Out of other accessories, an ‘Ostrich beach chair’ is something every beachgoer would love to own. Besides being extremely comfortable, an Ostrich chair is one of the most durable pieces of furniture. .

What makes an Ostrich Beach Chair so popular?

Most Ostrich chairs come with a unique feature – ‘The Breast Pouch’. The Breast Pouch is efficiently designed keeping in mind feminine comfort. This is manufactured with perfection to accommodate women of all sizes. These furniture items come with an open and padded face cavity together with arm slots so that you can pleasantly lie down flat on the belly and read a favorite novel, while your back gets tanned in sunlight.

An Ostrich beach chair is easy to carry as it is mainly made of lightweight anodized steel; but at the same time it is durable due the presence of heavy duty polyester or synthetic materials. The mostly used Ostrich chair is the “Ostrich 3 N 1 Beach Chair/Lounger” – this is a true masterpiece. Being multipurpose, you can adjust it in 5 different body positions. Apart from this, the 3 N 1 chair also features 3 distinct foot resting positions. This model is best in providing a complete repose when you lie down on your back or on your belly. Moreover, it has also got a rust-proof frame that can easily tolerate adverse weather conditions, but still manages to remain light-weighted.

To find a durable 3 N 1 Ostrich beach chair, you can visit the website – www.beachmall.com. The owners of BeachMall are offering an exclusive multitude of beach chairs together with other accessories such as picnic backpacks, carts, totes, and so forth!

Ostrich beach chair and Ostrich chaise are for leisure at the beach or by the pool making it the perfect choice for sun-tanning your full body. Find a great selection of beach chairsand other products at


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