Apr 26

Laguna Beach Real Estate In 2011

Laguna Beach real estate has had its up and downs in the past three years, and buyers are still unsure whether now is a good time to snap up properties. And as its always been with real estate, the question is very subjective. Each buyer has his own budget, needs, and risk appetite. The good news is that the numbers have begun to stabilize, starting in late 2010. Experts agree that with a careful eye and thorough research, one can get a good deal in todays market, especially with the help of Laguna Beach realtors. Read on to learn more about this years prospects and what future buyers can expect.

Rates Still Reasonable

Buying is expected to slow down as mortgage rates inch slowly upwards in California. But before moving your investment plans aside, take note that the numbers still work in buyers favor. Mortgage rates for 30-year, 15-year, and adjustable-rate loans are still comfortably below 5% in most of the state. If youre looking for a long-term investment, youre in a good position to buy today. However, if youre looking to fix up and resell, or some other investment move, expect to look a bit harder for deals that are worth your time.

More Competition

As spring rolls around, buyers, sellers, and agents are gearing up for the usual spike in business. This is no reason to worry if youre looking to buy this season: its still very much a buyers market, meaning there are more homes than buyers to go around. Of course, Laguna Beach real estate has always been in high demand, and youll have to act fast if youre set on a particular home or neighborhood. Chances are youll be up against equally willing (and able) buyers. If your goal is to close a sale by the end of summer, start looking up Laguna Beach realtors today and give yourself a head start.

Greater Choice

Homes continue to fall into the distressed market, making Laguna Beach real estate particularly attractive to investors. Condos are fast catching up to single-family homes in terms of buyer interest and market size. This works particularly well for families, even first-time buyers, as they have better flexibility in choosing size and location. Many of the new homes are close to schools and public services, yet reasonably priced for the average California buyer. Work with experienced Laguna Beach realtors to get access to even better deals.


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