Apr 26

Holidays in Barbados, a Caribbean dream

With its pristine white sand beaches and clear blue warm waters, Barbados presents visitors on holidays to the Caribbean with the best the islands have to offer. Well-known as an attractive destination within the region, holiday in Barbados are lucrative, with friendly and hospitable locals, and wonderful sights of nature around every corner. That’s not even mentioning the opportunity for ultimate relaxation of lazing on the beach under the Caribbean sun!

The climate of the Commonwealth countries is particularly alluring to guests in more northern reaches of the world, as the temperature averages 25 to 28 Celsius year-round, with low humidity, whilst a cool breeze always the palm trees are swaying, and ensures against it feeling too hot.

Of course, the gorgeous weather isn’t the only natural wonder of this Caribbean island, as many geographical oddities dot the small island nation. Those on holiday in Barbados would be remiss to pass up the chance to visit the fascinating Harrison’s Cave, a cavern featuring underground streams, lakes and waterfalls providing hours of exciting exploration. Adventurous holidaymakers might also choose to travel through the island’s verdant interior on a 4×4 tour.

Many on holiday on Barbados might prefer to take to the sea, though, as its crystalline waters beg visitors to take a dip. Barbados facilitates by offering many aquatic activities scattered about its shores. If you’ve ever watched films or television and seen riders catching waves – well then, maybe it’s your turn! Many surfing instructors and rental facilities call Barbados home and often, you needn’t have any experience to sign up. With the proper instruction, you could be ripping a killer wave by the end of your stay!

For a more laid back, underwater adventure, take to the warm gulf waters for an opportunity on holiday to swim along Barbados’ large sea turtle population, as the gentle, social creatures can be seen around and about the island’s many reefs. Plunge to further depths with a snorkelling excursion, where holidaymakers can explore the ocean floor and its diverse flora and fauna. Alternatively, those seeking a laid back jaunt might want to explore Barbados’ coast on a catamaran tour, were you can leisurely cruise about the island, sipping drinks on the calm waters.

All of these features make Barbados a tremendous draw for extended holidays and special occasions like weddings and honeymoons, creating a serious demand for holidays in Barbados. Many couples make the journey to the Caribbean to tie the knot in the idyllic settings of the sun-kissed sands of the island of Barbados.


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