Jul 25

Cuban Orchid House Gets New Caribbean Set Of Species

New species of orchids have been added to the collection of Soroa’s orchid house, located near Pinar del Rio, a major destination for eco Cuba holidays. The new species of flowers were donated by the president of the Jamaican Orchid Society, Claude Hamilton in order to promote scientific and cultural exchange between the two Caribbean islands.
According to Jorge Lazaro Bocourt, Director of the Cuban Orchid House and expert botanist, the neighbouring island’s species have a high ornamental value given their eye-catching forms and tonalities. Most of the plants are hybrids, obtained from Asian and Caribbean species, which have adapted to the humid and warm climate of the region.

The new collection will certainly increase the attractiveness of Soroa’s orchid museum as some people tend to call this place founded in 1943 with the objective of preserving Cuba’s orchids and endemic flora in general. Every year, thousands of tourists visit the place. They arrive from different Cuba holiday destinations, passing through Soroa whether to continue their way to Las Terrazas or Pinar del Rio or just to spend the day in this botanical preserve. In addition, a pleasant 3-star Villa offers accommodation in the area.

Soroa’s abundant vegetation, flowering plants mingling with palms and coniferous mammoths dwarfing exotic shrubs combine with rocky outcrops, cliffs and a beautiful path to a spectacular waterfall and botanical trail. There are shops here, craft makers-see cigars rolled by hand and hats or decorative objects created from fronds- and cabin accommodations surrounding a huge pool.

This natural attraction used to be part of the province of Pinar del Rio until early 2011 when the former province of rural Havana (provincia Habana) was divided into Mayabeque and Artemisa which absorbed part of Pinar del Rio’s territory. Ever since, Soroa is within the limits of Artemisa, although it’s still hard for locals and Cubans from other regions to get used to the idea of taking this natural spot out of Pinar del Rio’s boundaries.

Pinar del Rio is a unique destination in the island. Chosen by many tourists to spend eco Cuba holidays, this western province is also the land of tobacco and the location of one of the most beautiful diving sites in the Caribbean, Maria la Gorda as well as the famous Valley of Vinales, an area of a karst plain with rare cone-shaped knolls.

Most of Pinar del Rio hotels are located in the Valley of Vinales, which was appointed “Cultural Heritage Landscape” in the 1990s.


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