Oct 09

Cheap Caribbean Cruises For The Family

Cheap Caribbean cruises are a wonderful way for coworkers to enjoy vacation and camaraderie. Most cruising vessels provide a multitude of entertainment options for individuals of all ages and preferences. Lively kids activities, educational seminars, games of chance as well as many sporting activities are available on board so that everyone in the group can enjoy their time to the maximum.

Before you book, make sure that everyone in the traveling party has the time of their life by ensuring the activities they like are available. Many ships offer putting greens for golfers, gambling for those who enjoy testing their luck or even cooking lessons and private shopping tours.

Girlfriends love to pamper themselves. Read up on your particular vessel to ensure they have spa amenities that appeal to all of the travelers. Massage, hydrotherapy, saunas, beauty services and herbal treatments are available on most ships and women in particular enjoy these relaxing therapies while on vacation.

Active family members may be looking for adventurous shore excursions. Decide in advance which excursions each traveler wants to take on each island. Senior travelers may want a scenic driving tour while others may prefer something more demanding such as scuba diving, hiking or zip lining. Ladies in the group may simply want to stroll the historic streets and shop for the many bargains found in the Caribbean such as jewelry, alcohol and designer clothing. Some individuals in the group may simply prefer to stay on board for the entirety of the cruise and relax by the pool.

It is often exasperating to try to find one restaurant that will please an entire group. On board a cheap Caribbean cruise no one has to make that difficult decision. There are numerous dining options always available as well as a large multi-national buffet. Whether the children want pizza or a couple wants romantic Italian by candlelight, there is something for everyone in the group on board a ship.

For those who enjoy alcoholic beverages, always remember that this is an extra expense added to your daily cruise bill. Some ships also charge for soda while offering juice, water, tea and coffee for free. The nightly buffet is free as are certain other restaurants on board that may require reservations. Some cruise ships are now offering a top notch dining option for a supplemental fee.

Cheap Caribbean cruises are a great value for a group of girlfriends wanting to share a vacation. Cruises offer flexible 3, 4, 5 and 7 day options at very reasonable prices, often as low as $50 a day per person. A cruise is a perfect way to travel in a group as there is always something to entertain everyone.


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