Sep 30

Caribbean Life Magazines – Depicting the History, Culture & Lifestyle of Caribbean People Worldwide

The decline in print magazine readership and the rise in digital magazine readership have been overwhelming. Not only have the fashion magazines caught the fancy of online readers, but different communities are also embracing the idea of reading digital magazines to stay in touch with their culture and people, no matter which part of the world they are. The Caribbean community is one such community that is spread across the world. However, with the growing association of Caribbean people with negative aspects of life, many entrepreneurs have taken the initiative to clear the air by depicting the positive side of the Caribbean life.

In recent times, a handful of Caribbean life magazines are made available on the digital landscape. These magazines are made by the Caribbeans, of the Caribbeans and for the Caribbeans. The content published in these magazines is authored by Jamaicans and other members from the community. They highlight the achievements and aspirations of fellow community members and share them with the world.

Another objective of some of the best Caribbean life magazines is to focus on the current condition of the youth. In recent years, the worldwide image of Caribbean youth has been somewhat tarnished. To repair this image and to motivate the youth about the Caribbean lifestyle, these magazines present columns, discussions and stories.

These magazines aim to inspire the young readers by focusing on the transformation, progress and achievements of its people, and some thought provoking ideas on how to improve the community further. Moreover, the contribution of Caribbean people in different countries is also a key topic of focus for such publications. Many of these magazines have successfully triggered deep interest and positive feedback from the audience, which has been contributory in keeping these magazines up and running.

Being available on the digital platform, the reach of such magazines is relatively high. From nationals living within the Caribbean region to the ones settled abroad, it is quite easy for such magazines to build a readership and engage the users with meaningful coverage, which people can associate themselves with. Most of the issues focus on the culture, arts, fashion, environment, non-partisan politics and more. They also highlight the accomplishments of the community people at home and abroad.

Considering the righteous cause for which these magazines are published, they get patron support as well. These patrons advertise on these magazines to fund the publication and to ensure that the people of the community stay updated and in touch with their roots and culture. The cost of publication for digital magazines is also relatively low, while the reach is extensive. These factors explain the immense popularity enjoyed by most of the Caribbean life magazines across the globe.

Thomas Dorsan has been actively involved in Caribbean life magazine services and online publication for the last 5 years. He loves to pen down his experiences and thoughts related to the industry in his spare time.


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