Sep 29

A Caribbean Adventure From Waves In Rincn To Hotels In Fajardo, Puerto Rico

Everyone who hails from (or has been to) the Caribbean has a valid opinion as to why a certain island, city, or beach is the best in the region. For anyone who wants to immerse himself in the area, picking a country or territory to begin his own Caribbean adventure could be problematic. Should you choose Puerto Rico, consider visiting these hot spots:

Many tourists end up staying in one of the excellent hotels in Fajardo, Puerto Rico to enjoy treks in El Yunque Rainforest and night kayaking in Bioluminescent Bay. Its Seven Seas Beach has the clarity ideal for snorkeling and sailing. Man-made attractions include the Faro de Fajardo, the most prominent lighthouse in the island that is still in use. Fajardo also serves as the main springboard to the secluded island beaches of Culebra and Vieques.

If the perfect holiday for you is synonymous with big waves and surfboards, there’s no better place to stay in than Rincn, which is also known as the surfing capital of the Caribbean. Waves in the beaches of Rincn are known all over the surfing world. The best waves come between November and March, although that is matched by a wave of arriving surfers from everywhere.

San Juan
San Juan has good beaches in the El Condado and Isla Verde districts, but like most big cities, tourists come to the Puerto Rican capital to conduct business, to party and visit the historic sites. At the core of historic attractions in the city is the walled Old San Juan. This port town hosts the most iconic Puerto Rican structure: the Castillo de San Felipe del Morro, a Spanish-era fortress that witnessed and survived many decisive naval battles.

Ponce, Puerto Rico’s second largest city is also the cultural capital of the territory. The municipality boasts of having the most number of restored historic buildings, museums and acclaimed artists. The city’s unique blend of Art Nouveau and neoclassic styles, heavy influences of Tano and West African culture, and a distinguishably Catalan variant in its Spanish heritage makes Ponce’s culture distinctive in Puerto Rico.
Whether you end up simply admiring heritage buildings, riding the waves in Rincn, or lounging in comfortable hotels in Fajardo Puerto Rico, your island experience is bound to be memorable. When you’re ready to try other Caribbean islands, don’t forget to check it’s official tourism website: caribbeantravel.com.


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